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Our Favorite Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you can’t find a lid for every pot, your herbs are a jumble, your baking sheets are buried and everyone’s charging devices have taken over your kitchen countertops, this ideabook is for you. Kitchen and cabinet designers are constantly coming up with solutions to make working in your kitchen easier and more functional with.…
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Stash It All: Know the 3 Zones of Kitchen Storage

Stash it All: Know 3 Zones of Kitchen Storage “How much space do I need?” This question leads to decisions on where you want to live, what type of home fits you and how you remodel. The trick is to assess what you own and decide how you will store it for convenient access. Carefully…
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Easy-Living Features That Add Comfort to Your Kitchen

With open-plan living putting the spotlight on kitchens like never before, it pays to make your culinary quarters both easy to use and a comfortable place in which to spend time. If you’re planning a kitchen update, consider these features for making cooking, eating and cleaning up a whole lot more enjoyable. These ideas will…
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Pet-Friendly Design: Making Room for the Dog Dish

When I say there is nothing quite so unpleasant as stepping in a dog’s water dish, I speak from experience (no thanks, Augie). Like a good pet owner, I keep my pup’s water bowl filled with fresh water. It’s located in the kitchen, where I inevitably get busy and distracted and step in the drink.…
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