Determining The Cost of Cabinets

There are some major factors that determine the price of your cabinets. They are materials, finish, access, shape, quantity, wall height and special order items.

There are various materials that can be used to build your cabinets; some are more readily available than others. These materials can certainly affect the pricing.

Finishing can greatly affect pricing depending if it's a spray on finish, or a hand-applied finish. Hand finishing takes a greater amount of time and expertise.

Access and Shape:
There are many options available to you in regards to easily accessing areas in your cabinets some affordable and some more expensive. Shape or design plays a major role in pricing. Adding angles and round corners will influence the pricing as well.

Quantity, Wall Height:
The more cabinets you have (lineal feet) the higher the price will be. If you wish to extend any of your cabinets to the ceiling this will also affect pricing.

Special Order Items:
The sky is the limit as far as what we can do for you. If you can dream it we can design and build it. There are many organizational items you can choose to make your cabinets special just for you. These items are usually always special order items.

Value Engineering:
Our expert designers can develop an initial idea into a real working product, combining both function and great design. We will make recommendations to value engineer your project to get the best cost savings possible, without sacrificing beauty or function. Let us help you design your dream, while keeping your budget in mind!